Things to Know Before Moving to Colorado: Our Guide to the Highest State

Are you considering the possibility to move to Colorado? It could be the best decision you ever made. More and more Americans choose to call this place home, and interest in real estate for sale in the area is on the rise. 

For those who find Denver too crowded for their taste, there are many other great Colorado places to live in: Frisco, Breckenridge, Keystone, Silverthorne, Dillon, and many other towns provide all the necessities for a modern lifestyle with more peace and quiet.  

No matter the town, life in Colorado is beautiful and rewarding. As a permanent resident, you get great weather, breathtaking views, and endless entertainment opportunities. Perhaps the most important things to know before moving to Colorado are that it is home to excellent schools and a varied and rewarding job market.  

But there is much more to this state, and we promised to give you ten reasons to move here. As you review them, a fairer question than „why live in Colorado” would be „why not?”.  

1. High Quality of Life

cost of living index
The cost of living index by state, the second quarter of 2019

You want what’s best for you and your loved ones and, if you move to Colorado, you can get it. Life in Colorado doesn’t come cheap (cost of living index is 111 vs. 100 the national median) but it is surely worth paying for. 

You get access to some of the best schools and one of the best health care systems. The housing market is stable, and utilities are affordable. Moreover, Colorado’s crime rate is lower than the national average. 

2. Steady Economic Growth

forbes chart of places best for living
Forbes’ best states for business list

While the economy of other states was fluctuating and inflicting insecurity, Colorado’s was growing steadily. It has been on an ascending path for years, as reflected by the continuous growth of the GDP (gross domestic product). 

Colorado is listed as one of the best states for business in many surveys and publications such as Forbes. It also hosts one of the two Outdoor Recreation Industry Office (OREC) in the country. 

3. Great Weather

Colorado cityscape

The skyline of Denver with the Rocky Mountains in the distance

road in Colorado

Calm street in Colorado Springs

mountains in Colorado

Views of the Maroon Bells in Aspen, two of Colorado’s most famous mountains

Colorado has a mixed, four seasons climate, bound to cater to all tastes and preferences. On average, every year brings about 300 days of sunshine, 17 inches of precipitations, 33% humidity, and 300+ inches of snow in the mountains. Otherwise put, if you move to Colorado, you’ll have no trouble trading your snow equipment for a sunbathing costume and you can always go hiking and rock climbing in-between.  

4. Best Urban Lifestyle 

Colorado cityscape
skyscrapers in Denver, Colorado

Urban life is more enjoyable and relaxing in Colorado than anywhere else. You get absolutely all the facilities of the big city but with more green spaces and relaxation opportunities, with fewer traffic jams and less pollution and stress. Finding and maintaining the healthy work-life balance we all long for is just easier here. 

5. Open-Mindedness

Marijuana has been legal in Colorado since 2012

For many people, the legalization of marijuana use for medicinal and recreational purposes is one of the main reasons to move to Colorado. The number of marijuana dispensaries in Denver now exceeds the number of Starbucks stores. Of course, this does not mean that you can use and abuse drugs as you please. Marijuana is available only in certain cities, in specific locations, and use in public places is prohibited.  

6. Great Outdoors

Outdoor sport in Colorado
Having so many of America’s best ski resorts makes Colorado the nation’s No. 1 ski and snowboard destination

If you love the outdoors, you will love living in Colorado. It is a skiing and snowboarding paradise, with no less than 54 peaks and over 4,200 meters of ski terrain, including the famous towns of Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge or Telluride. 

Then, there are incredible slopes to climb, and trails to explore. You have the Eldorado Canyon State Park, the Boulder Open Space, and the Genesee Park. There are no less than 1,852 trails ranging in length 0.6 to 234.1 miles, at heights ranging from 4,258 to 14,251 feet above sea level. 

To get your adrenaline levels even higher, you can try cross-country mountain-biking, white water rafting, and hot air ballooning. You really can’t get bored as an outdoors fan living in Colorado, no matter what your preferences are. 

7. Pet-Friendly

man walking with dog in Colorado mountains
Denver and Colorado have frequently ranked high on lists of the most dog-friendly cities and states in recent years

Your pets, especially dogs, will be extremely happy as well if you move to Colorado. There are dog parks, trails you can follow with your furry friends, mountain stores where pets are welcome, and veterinary clinics where they can receive the care they need. 

8. Addictive Festivals

festival in Colorado
Colorado boasts an impressive number of exciting and diverse festivals throughout the year

Whether you like food festivals, music festivals, or cultural heritage events, Colorado will not disappoint you, as it has a bit of everything. Here is a list of 10 Colorado Festivals You Can’t Miss. If you are a Texas and Americans music fan, don’t miss out on The Music Fest at Steamboat – six days of your favorite music played by 70 bands in one of the most welcoming ski resorts in Colorado. Some people relocate to Colorado just for this. 

9. Red Rocks

Red Rocks Amphitheatre view
Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a naturally formed, world-famous outdoor venue just fifteen miles west of Denver

A park and natural rock amphitheater, Red Rocks hosts interesting events year-round: music concerts, yoga classes, star watching sessions, movie nights, comedy shows, snow shaping contests, and more. All activities gain a special vibe in this one-of-a-kind setting. 

10. Excellent Beer

beer from crane in pub
Breweries in Colorado produce a wide range of beers in different styles that are marketed locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally

We all like beer with pizza, while watching a game, or over barbeque with friends but in Colorado, you can take this pleasure to new levels. The local brewing scene is impressive. Colorado ranks third nationwide when it comes to craft breweries, being home to over 150 of them. 

Most of these locations offer complex tasting tours, with delicious food and learning activities, being a great alternative for weekends and hangouts with friends and family for anyone choosing to live in Colorado. 

Stop Wondering What It Is Like to Live in Colorado and Get to It!

Still wondering what is it like to live in Colorado? Come and find out for yourself! We gave you more than enough reasons to move to Colorado, and we can help you make it happen. Start by checking some homes for sale in the area and imagine what your life would be like! You won’t be disappointed!

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