Springtime In the Rocky Mountains

The season of renewal is upon is; Spring is an ideal time to recharge in our beautiful mountain community. If you’ve been itching to get outside & feel the sunshine without bundling up in layers of insulation, now is the time! The days are longer, warmer and sunnier, so clear out the cobwebs and find your way to enjoy springtime in the Rocky Mountains. 

Hiking & Biking

As the snow begins to melt from the peaks, our trails & rec paths are starting to dry off. Some of our favorite early season wildflower trails include Ptarmigan, Wheeler Lake, and Saw Mill Creek.  These hikes keep elevation fairly low, granting some of the first fews of the colorful flora that we are starting to be graced with as the temperatures increase. Ready to level up your hiking game? Check out the Friends of the Dillon Ranger District site for trail maps & volunteer opportunities. 

As for biking – between the Snake River Rec Path through Keystone, the Tenmile Rec Path heading up to Copper, The Lower & Upper Blue Rec Paths through Silverthorne & Breckenridge, and the Dillon Reservoir Rec Path around the lake – there are endless miles of pavement for you to hit and get those legs pedaling (map). The best way to get your bike ready for the season is simple: keep it clean & get a tune up. Check out Wildernests SportsEndurance Cycling Lab and Podium Sports for the best local teams to get your bicycle ready to go. 


There’s no better place to experience top-notch fishing than Summit County, Colorado. The high mountain rivers and lakes are filled with many different kinds of trout, salmon and other beautiful species. Our lakes, rivers and creeks offer numerous opportunities for fly, river & lake fishing throughout the area.  If you’re looking to get off the beaten path a bit, there are a number of unnamed lakes in the high mountains that can be accessed through hiking, horseback riding, or off-road vehicles.  Take advantage of all of the Gold Medal water that Summit County has to offer! If you’re in need of some gear or a local guide, Cutthroat Anglers are your people!


Spending time in the outdoors, disconnected from the distractions of our daily lives, is one of the greatest treasures of living in a mountain oasis.  Options for camping in Summit County abound, with nearly a dozen organized campsites within county limits, to a plethora of choices in the surrounding national forests. Whether you prefer to distance yourself far from human activity, or keep things a little more civilized, there are plenty of options for you nearby.  The high alpine weather creates a perfect atmosphere for an enjoyable experience, and the distance from large cities makes star gazing incredible. Don’t forget to follow some standard camping rules of consideration, such as “pack it in, pack it out”, and remember, if a fire ban is in place, campfires are only allowed in metal pits – stone fire rings are no sufficient. We can’t stress enough how important it is to respect the beautiful land that you are out enjoying. 

With so many options for outdoor activities, we hope that you can find a way to enjoy & replenish yourself amidst these strange times.  Fortunately for our mountain community, outdoors is not cancelled! As long as we can all share a mutual respect for each other and the land, there is no reason that springtime in the Rocky Mountains cannot be enjoyed to its fullest potential. 

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