Shoulder Season in Summit County

Shoulder season, Mud season, Mayuary, 3rd Winter, or Spring. Call it what you will, but there is a distinct period of time in the high Rockies that just doesn’t fall in line with what the average person expects out of April & May. The weather fluctuates from 25 to 75, the skies from blue, to grey, to total white out, the trails from dry to an absolute mess. Quite honestly, you never really know what you’ll get out of each week, or even each day in Summit County’s Shoulder season. Having lived here for 35 years, we know to expect the unexpected, and this time of year has become one of the endearing aspects of life at elevation. 

For starters, it’s a nice breather from the heavy crowds that the long winter season brings. We love skiing as much as anyone – we live here after all! But with great skiing comes great crowds, and that can get exhausting in what many of us still like to refer to as a “small town”. Less packed highways, stores, bars and restaurants is a welcome sign that Mud season has arrived. 

To make this time even sweeter, is the fact that many locals have less intensive work schedules, meaning we all get to see each other after several months of heavy workloads. The community up here is really what makes this place special, and it’s really wonderful seeing everyone out and about. To help, Summit County has reached level green status on our Covid dial, meaning the majority of our community has been vaccinated and there is little to no threat. The ease on restrictions is welcome after a long year of tedious diligence. 

Outdoor activity is limited, but certainly not non-existent. It can actually be quite fun to ski one day, bike the next, hit your favorite hiking trail that weekend, and then do it all over again the next week after another random snowstorm hits! It is important to be mindful of backcountry and trail conditions; avalanches are less risky this time of year, but not totally off limits, and hitting a muddy trail with your bike or your dog could absolutely wreck it for future use.

And if the temperamental weather isn’t for you – now is the time for a little getaway! Adding to our intro list, some even call this time of year Desert or Beach Season. Work slows down a bit, and travel prices are typically lower during these months, so it makes for the perfect combination to treat yourself to some travel. 

Whether you’re excited to re-connect with the community, ready to roll with the tides of weather swings, or want to get away from it all, Mayuary is a beautiful time of year up in Summit County, and as always, we are just so thankful to call this amazing place home. 


If you’re thinking it’s about time to make Summit County your home, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are long time locals who have been in the Summit County Real Estate Market for 30+ years, and have all the insight you need!

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