You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!

You will want to maximize curb appeal, so your home needs to be at its best. To make sure your property truly stands out, especially in today’s market with so many choices, we will guide you to a local decorator or home stager who will utilize attractive clolors, fabrics and simple changes to make sure your property glows. We are here to assist toward your goal of selling your property and making sure that you maximize your potential for sale.

Staging:  A stager is someone who knows the proper arrangement of furniture to show off the best features of the property.  A stager will make the property look like a home. Sometimes lighting, accessories and paint color can accomplish more than you ever imagined. For a minimal amount of money, the stager can enhance your property. We highly recommend considering this great idea.

Cleanup is a must. You must stash your stuff! Organization is key.  From closets, drawers, pantries and bathrooms to the garage – organization goes a long way. The property should not be too cluttered, and you should be prepared with an organizational system to prepare the property for each showing. Each time we show you property, it counts. It only takes one Buyer to appreciate the property and buy it!

Good working order:   Make sure all systems in the home are in good working order and have been serviced recently. Fix any issues prior to showings. Things like leaky faucets, squeaky fans, inoperable windows, doors that don’t close properly, burnt out light bulbs, etc should be repaired. The Buyer will likely ask that these things are taken care of upon inspection anyway and will appreciate a well-maintained property and thoughtful seller.

Documents: It is very helpful to have these documents available for the Buyer to get the whole picture when they visit the property: Survey, well and septic permits, HOA documents or website, pictures of property during other seasons, guest book if appropriate, rental figures for the past 3 years, amenities on-site and nearby, bus routes, appraisals, floorplans,  warranties, etc. The Buyer will see and appreciate your effort to stand out in the market.

Projects: Depending on the property, some larger projects may be worthwhile to boost the value of the property. Kitchens, decks, and bathrooms will usually reap the biggest return on the investment.

Indicators like the neighborhood, market conditions, and recent sales will help your realtor to evaluate and determine if the property value could increase with some improvements. Your effort can create more value and a faster sale, especially in a tough market.

A great first impression will give the Buyer comfort that the home has been maintained well. Buyers will remember that first impression all the way to closing.

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