Make a Mountain Migration

Everyone loves a mountain town. Whether you’ve frequented, visited once, or have just seen pictures, you dream about leaving the city behind and moving to the mountains. Outside of personal & recreational interests, living in the mountains provides many natural health benefits. 

From the outdoor recreation opportunities to the community and the people who make up these special places, there is a quaint convenience about a mountain town. One of those conveniences is that it is always a beneficial investment to own property here. 

Selling your home right now is easy. Buying, on the other hand, is proving to be a bit more difficult, as demand is beginning to exceed supply. Inventories are dwindling, prices are raising, and resort-towns across Colorado are seeing populations climb as second-home owners and newcomers settle into mountain towns. 

As working from home has become the norm for many Americans, and the urban environment is growing ever-challenging, the fantasy of moving to a mountain town is now an achievable reality. There are innumerable reasons why we love Summit County, and we want to help you find the keys to your dream home here. 

The people, the community and the natural surroundings inspire many people to make the move to the mountains. That being said, these towns aren’t for everyone – you certainly sacrifice many perks of city living. However, if those simple amenities like exotic happy hours, art museums, year-round local produce, etc feel minuscule compared to your list of what you love about the mountains, perhaps it’s time to consider an urban exodus for yourself. 

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