How a Second Home Manager Can Make Your Life Easier

Whether or not you own multiple properties, you are surely aware of the many benefits that come from the ability to enjoy a second-home. What you may not have considered is the large commitment of time and effort that managing this property may bring about.

While it may make sense to take the DIY approach if you fit certain criteria, this option doesn’t always work for everyone.  Key to the Rockies Real Estate has 40+ years of Property Management experience.  During these unprecedented times due to the Covid-19 situation, we want to highlight the ways in which we can be of service to you, in addition to the realm of real estate.

Property Inspection

In many cases, especially in our glorious mountain town, property owners do not have the luxury of living nearby their second home.  We provide the property owner with an initial inspection, which describes in detail the general condition of the property.  This task helps to identify anything that may need repairs or maintenance. We also provide weekly security inspections to confirm well-being of the property; we keep a checklist on site which identifies dates we visit.

Special inspections are also performed when deep freezes, heavy snowfalls, or summer storms occur.  We check plumbing for possible frozen pipes, electrical motors affected by power interruptions, and general security.


Professional housekeeping services can be available at your request to fit your personal needs. We typically meet with the owner and do a walk through of the property to list any special housekeeping and laundry tasks. We want to make sure that when you visit, you arrive to a fresh & clean residence for you to enjoy.

Repairs and Maintenance

We will arrange for regular or specially requested maintenance projects for the owner.  Key to the Rockies Real Estate works closely with many qualified sub contractors in the Summit County area.  We will solicit bids based on the owners specifications, submit them for approval, coordinate access to the property, and supervise to determine the work is done to the complete satisfaction of the owner.

This task is perhaps the most beneficial, as organizing and coordinating time frames for maintenance work can prove to be quite difficult from afar.

In addition to these helpful services, we are also available to help with home remodeling projects, snow removal/lawn care, key & reservation services, mail/package delivery, and 24-hour on-call service.

The Bottom Line

We offer second home property management services to take care of things that neighbors and alarm systems simply can’t do.  Our services are designed for the home-owner who is only able to enjoy Summit County on a part-time basis, and wants assurance that their home is being looked after regularly, by reputable locals. We are here to watch over your vacant home to protect and preserve your valuable asset.

Second Home Management is not a place to cut corners when considering expenses of owning additional properties.  We are more than happy to assist in saving you time, money and headaches.  Our transparent practices + local knowledge put us a step ahead of the competition.

Please contact Michael for more information on our Second Home Management Services.

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