Celebrate Winter

The time is finally here! Sure, you’ve seen in our previous blogs that we’ve found something to love about each season, but winter was our first true love here, and we know we’re not alone. The majority of our community moved here to ski! Of course, spring, summer & fall all have their advantages, but there’s something about this time of year that just puts the giddiness in everyone. There’s just nothing quite like hearing the town a-buzz with weather reports, apres meetups & ski jargon. 

Arapahoe Basin took the title of first in Summit County to open this year, followed closely by Keystone, Loveland, Breckenridge & soon to have Copper Mountain join the ranks. Although we’ve been seeing uncharacteristically high temps for this time of year, all of our resorts managed to open quite early thanks in large part to snow guns + low nighttime temps. Just because they are open doesn’t mean the conditions are ideal, however. Time to bust out the rock skis! Snowfall is still sporadic, but if you can enjoy it for what it’s worth, it is nice to get your ski legs back under you! 

Unprecedented (do you hate that word yet?) circumstances led to a strangely quiet holiday season last year, and while it is clearly impossible to predict the future, we do know that pass sales are up significantly from this time last year. So, we do expect to encounter more skiers & snowboarders than last season, but still fewer-than-normal international travelers. Most resorts have dropped the advance reservation requirements, making it easier to hit the slopes as you please. More or less, this season should feel much more “normal” than last! 

Colorado itself has always been a mecca for ski travelers, but Summit County in particular has emerged as one of the most highly sought-after areas for winter activities. Our central location and proximity to Denver International Airport has made us one of the most popular ski destinations in the world! 

Do you plan on visiting Colorado to ski this season? Please don’t hesitate to reach out – we love playing local tour guide. If you end up loving it as much as we did some 30 years ago, we can get you in the hands of local experts with loads of experience in Summit County’s diverse real estate market – we happen to know 2 perfect people for the job 😉 Contact us today, to see how we can assist in changing up your current real estate position.

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