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Key To The Rockies Real Estate — Blog

How a Second Home Manager Can Make Your Life Easier

We offer second home property management services to take care of things that neighbors and alarm systems simply can’t do. We are here to watch over your vacant home to protect and preserve your valuable asset.

Our Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Whether you have a new job or simply need to move quickly, you might need to sell a house fast. If so, the Key to the Rockies Real Estate can help you make a sale.

What You Need to Know Before Selling Your Home

No matter how you look at it, selling your house is a nerve-wracking endeavor. There are endless things to think about, such as timing, setting a price, staging, paperwork…the list goes on.

Things to Know Before Moving to Colorado: Our Guide to the Highest State

Are you having doubts whether to move to Colorado? Discover the top ten reasons why relocation is an amazing idea and get a glimpse at life in Colorado!

Is it Better to Rent or Buy a House?

Have you ever seriously pondered the question: “Is it better to rent or buy a house”? The thought of purchasing a home is big because it is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime.

Benefits of Having Home Inspections Performed

Whether looking to buy real estate for sale or wanting to sell an existing vacation property, home inspections are critical. As real estate specialists, we highly recommend that our customers choose to have an inspection done.

Introducing Brand New Key to the Rockies!

We’re happy to announce the release of our new and improved website available at!

10 Tips For a Stress-Free Move

Moving into your new Keystone or Summit County home? Many people view “moving” a stressful time of their life, but here are some moving tips so you can have a fun, organized and stress free move into your new Colorado home or condominium!

Pricing Your Home To Sell

Most sellers tend to want to set a higher price for their home, but if the end goal is to sell your home in the shortest time frame, here are some tips to price your home accurately.

Home Seller Tips: How to Prepare for Closing

Finally! After all the time listing, showing and preparing your home to be sold, you’ve reached the finish line and are set to close. Thanks to these tips from the Land Title Guarantee Company, you’ll know what to expect when you show up to sign the closing papers.

3 Reasons to List Your Mountain Home...

Have you been thinking about listing your Keystone or Summit County home for sale? If you think the “summer buying season” is over and you need to wait until next year, think again.

11 Reasons Your Home is Not Selling

While you shouldn’t panic if the house doesn’t sell the moment you list it, you should begin to worry if the...

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