10 Tips For a Stress-Free Move

10 Tips For a Stress-Free Move


Moving into your new Keystone or Summit County home? Many people view “moving” a stressful time of their life, but here are some moving tips so you can have a fun, organized and stress free move into your new Colorado home or condominium!

1. Make a List!

Grab a notebook and when you pack a box, write the items on the notebook and tape it to the box.  Numbers all boxes so you have an account for all, or take a photo of the boxes for inventory reasons. Also, be specific in your labeling so you won’t have to guess what is in the box!

2. Buy some tall wardrobe boxes

Place all your shoe boxes and items from your closet in tall wardrobe boxes. See-thru large plastic bags are great for cloths, towels and bed linens where you can see what is in the bag. And it is easier to move by yourself than a large box.

3. Label Everything

Write on the boxes and bags what room you want the item moved to, so your movers can do the moving and not you!

4. Keep “like” items together

Items like office supplies, tv/stereo wires, tools, etc should be organized together for easier packing and unpacking.

5. Start packing early

Pack the items you don’t use on a daily basis, as this will help time management moving in the long run.

6. Clean as you move

Power wipe the shelves, closets, etc. so it will be easier when your house is empty.

7. Keep your valuables safe!

Moving can cause lost items, so keep one place for all your valuables and keep those items with you in your vehicle.

8. Same with valuable documents

Keep all valuable (and hard to replace) documents with you- don’t put them in the moving truck!

9. Cover furniture

Place furniture in plastic or wrap with blankets if you are afraid of it getting ripped or torn, better safe than sorry. 

10. Stay healthy

Drink plenty of water and don’t lift heavy objects so you can enjoy decorating your new home!

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