Key To The Rockies Real Estate — Blog

Key To The Rockies Real Estate — Blog

Getting on the Property Ladder Early

In the age of rising house prices and student debt, getting on the property ladder early in life can seem pretty impossible to young people. While buying a home is a huge step and can be a daunting process, this reality doesn’t have to be as out of reach as it might appear.

The Importance of Building Equity

Home ownership is, simply put, part of the American Dream. The idea is that homeownership creates a path for building wealth over time, helping you to create financial stability.  If you’re new to the game, or could use a refresher, we’re going to look at what this means exactly, and how it can enhance your net worth.

2021: Loving this career & this market boom

A happy side effect of the pandemic is that it has allowed us all to make lifestyle changes - many for the better - and to re-align our priorities to focus on what really matters. What really matters to us is this community, and helping people find the keys to their dream home, as we did 30 years ago here in Summit County, Colorado.

How Do Real Estate Agents Determine Property Prices

Whether you’re buying or selling, surely you’ve hit the MLS matrix and wondered, “Why on earth is that home priced like that?”, and whether that’s in a negative or positive light, there are several key factors that are taken into consideration when determining property prices.

Great Local Businesses to Support This Season

Unless you’ve been under a rock this year (lucky!), you’ve been sure to notice the struggle that some of our beloved community shops, restaurants and services have undergone. We thought we’d take a break from the real estate market, and give you some local insight on some of our favorite local spots to support this season, whether you’re local, second homeowner, or visiting, we hope you find something useful here!

FAQ For First Time Home Buyers

Buying a home is likely the biggest and most daunting investment you’ll ever make. We encourage you to ask ALL of the questions, because the more informed you are as a buyer, the easier your future will be. It is so important that you understand this complex process so that you can make informed and intelligent decisions about your financial future.

Real Estate and COVID: Trends & Myths

We get it - you’re probably pretty tired of hearing COVID-related news by now. We’re not scientists, doctors or epidemiologists, so we’ve got no groundbreaking info to share in that realm…however, we ARE experts in real estate, and there are some half truths and outright falsehoods that might be filling your social media feeds, and we want to set those straight for you.

Leaf Peepin' the High Rockies

Fall is here! This is perhaps the most short-lived of all the seasons in the high rockies, but also one of the most beloved. For a window of time, the aspen groves and mountain foliage take on the most exquisite gold, orange and burgundy hues. Whether you are driving, biking, hiking, or lucky enough to see them from your mountain abode, this is a special time of year in Summit County.

Make a Mountain Migration

Everyone loves a mountain town, and there are innumerable reasons to love Summit County. From the outdoor recreation opportunities to the community and the people who make up these special places, there is a quaint convenience about a mountain town. One of those conveniences is that it is always a beneficial investment to own property here.

The Time to Sell Your Mountain Home is NOW

So you had plans to sell your home this summer…now you’re trying to figure out the best means in which to move forward, and more importantly, when.  We are here to tell you that now is a terrific time to sell your property, especially in terms of the High Country/Colorado Mountain market.

Time to Buy or Sell in the High Rockies

As the snow thaws, the Colorado housing market begins to flood. Summer moving into fall is high time to seek your new High Rockies property, or to consider listing for potential buyers.

Springtime In the Rocky Mountains

The season of renewal is upon is; Spring is an ideal time to recharge in our beautiful mountain community. The days are longer, warmer and sunnier, so clear out the cobwebs and find your way to enjoy springtime in the Rocky Mountains.

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