A Growing Community

So you had plans to sell your home this summer…and then a worldwide pandemic hit and raised all sorts of questions concerning national economy & personal finances. Now you’re trying to figure out the best means in which to move forward, and more importantly, when.  We are here to tell you that now is a terrific time to sell your property, especially in terms of the High Country/Colorado Mountain market. 

Truth be told, the lingering effects of the virus could last mere months, or could be felt in the coming years. There really is no way to know, but we can say with certainty there won’t be a clear “good to go” for putting out that for sale sign. From a financial point of view, the Real Estate market does not mimic the Stock Market that sees daily highs and lows. Depreciation & appreciation of the Real Estate market can take time, which is why we are advising to take advantage of the now!

Based on what we’ve seen in the Spring & Summer of 2020, these next few months are prime time to sell your property in Summit County.  Across the country, agents are reporting that home prices are holding steady in their market, and are seeing more houses sold at faster rates. The mountains are always a haven, but this rings especially true in summertime. When people visit Summit County in a season other than winter, they get a glimpse of what life could be like here year round. The summers here are also much slower-paced than winter, which allows these vacationers more ample time to consider buying.

Summit County remains a highly desirable destination to own property, and the appetite for luxury homes continues to expand. Our mountain community attracts more high-end buyers on a continual basis, mostly due to demand for year-round abundant recreational amenities. Additionally, luxury buyers often desire high-end design & efficient construction, both of which Summit County can deliver, and at lower price points than competition in higher-priced mountain areas. 

If you are considering selling your home in the high country, the time is now! Through our years of experience in the real estate market in Summit County, we know that the greatest number of properties sell June-September. We are here and happy to answer your inquiries, from market analysis to pricing trends & beyond. Let us help you sell your home for top dollar in the most efficient time of the year to do so! 

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