2021: Loving this career & this market boom

If you were paying attention to the market, or even regular news, you know by now that 2020 an unexpected boom for real estate across the nation, much to many people’s surprise. The pandemic made people reevaluate their lives; millions were forced (or allowed) to work remotely from home, and turned their focus to family, health and space. In particular, this meant leaving cities in favor of larger living arrangements. 

With inventory levels down and sales volume WAY up, we expect to see the luxury housing market gain strength into 2021, as the migration of wealth continues out of big cities and to more unique and exclusive areas like our Summit County playground. We know full well that mountain homes serve as sanctuaries for newcomers and second homeowners alike. The clean air, the public lands, and the opportunity for any outdoor recreation you could desire are all big draws. 

It’s no secret that we love living here – but we want to express just how much we love working as realtors as well! 

First and foremost, the people and their stories are such a joy to connect with. Everyone has their own life experience, and hearing each individual’s path is one of the highlights. On top of this, each and every day brings something new, and you never stop learning. That, in itself, is a blessing in this career, and while it can be intimidating to not have an immediate answer for everything, having experience and our network of over 25 years in this community has set us up to quickly find any answers that we seek.

In addition to those two previous points, we really do just LOVE houses – especially a good mountain home! Whether it’s a classic log-style cabin, a spin on mountain contemporary, brand new builds, and everything in between, we get just as giddy about a “perfect kitchen”, a “dream bathroom” or the most thoughtful storage spaces as you do, which makes the real estate process all the more exciting. Reviews like this one from a few months ago also add to the excitement and love for our job:

“Julie and Mike Magliochetti, the owners of Key to the Rockies, recently sold our home.  Everything about the process was 100% smooth, despite the sale taking place during the COVID pandemic.  They were spot-on with pricing recommendations. Julie staged our home beautifully and arranged for top-notch photography.  All of the feedback we got from potential buyers was that that home showed beautifully. We walked away with a full-price sale, and could not be happier.  No one knows the Summit market better than Julie and Mike, and they are the utmost professionals through every step of the process.  It can be such a stressful process, but they made it easy for us, and we knew they always had our backs.  Seriously, you will not find better representation or service in Summit County if you’re buying or selling a home.”

A happy side effect of the pandemic is that it has allowed us all to make lifestyle changes – many for the better – and to re-align our priorities to focus on what really matters. What really matters to us is this community, and helping people find the keys to their dream home, as we did 30 years ago here in Summit County, Colorado. 

Photo credit: Silverthorne Photography for the Town of Silverthorne 

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